Hand embroidered Christmas ornaments from the 2018 holiday season

The first holiday season after learning to embroider, I, of course, wanted to implement my newly acquired skills to celebrate. I figured ornaments would be a fun and relatively easy way to accomplish this.

The first ornament attempted was a self-drafted cardinal (bird) sitting on an evergreen branch. I was very pleased with how it turned out. But then I learned a tough lesson: I tried to glue the fabric to the cardboard base of the ornament frame and the glue showed through the spaces that weren’t embroidered. I tried to figure out ways to compensate, but haven’t come up with any. Maybe I’ll give it another think during the 2019 holiday season.

embroidered cardinal on an evergreen branch

A more simple ornament was simply cutting out two felt stars and embroidering chain stitched lines onto it. I stuffed it with a little batting and then closed it with a running stitch.

For my in-laws who live in Ohio near Lake Erie, I stitched an image of Kelleys Island, their favorite vacation island on the lake. I simply traced the lake from an internet satellite image, outlined it and filled it in with a trellis stitch and detached chain stitch flowers. I also did my first embroidered lettering. I transferred the letters using a stencil then used small satin stitches to fill in the letters.

For my niece, who was obsessed with the Pixar film Coco at the time, I designed an ornament based on the movie’s marketing. I found a font similar to the movie poster font for the words Feliz Navidad, which is Merry Christmas in Spanish. Then, I traced over the guitar and floral images used in the logo. I used embroidery thread as close to the logo’s colors as I could determine. I used satin stitch to fill in everything. The lettering is uneven here because at the time I was not taping the fabric down to hold it in place when tracing.

embroidered Feliz Nacidad ornament inspired by the movie Coco

For my husband, who is into hot sauces, I returned to felt to create a hot sauce bottle ornament with the words “Josh’s Hot Sauce.” I used little running stitches for the letters and a satin stitch for the cap. I secured the edges with a blanket stitch.

embroidered hot sauce bottle ornament

Last but not least, I embroidered two holly leaves connected by 3 red berries. Each of the leaves had two fills: both had half filled with satin stitch. Then one had a trellis stitch fill and the other had a gradient seed stitch fill. The berries are small woven wheel stitches.

 berries ornament.

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