My Hand Embroidery Origin Story

In the summer of 2018, my husband and I were on our way to visit family in his hometown of Norwalk, Ohio. The plan was to then head to Kelleys Island, a vacation island in Lake Erie accessible only by ferry. I wasn’t sure what we would do there. Would there be television? Wifi? So I wanted to plan to have things to do. I also knew that my mother-in-law was interested in needlecraft. I wasn’t, but I thought it would be fun to try an activity with her. So I bought two Kiriki Press embroidery kits, a fox for myself and a llama for her.

I was surprised how much I loved hand embroidery. There was something soothing about hand stitching that I can’t quite explain. I never thought I would be interested in any type of needle arts. I had done some knitting in the past, but I wasn’t prepared for the pure and immediate enjoyment I would experience simply from pushing a needle with thread through fabric in an artful manner.

I tried to tell myself that I shouldn’t continue with hand embroidery since I was getting back into sewing. And it has been a long time goal of mine to learn to sew clothes for myself. Stay focused.

But I couldn’t forget the joy I felt from hand stitching. And hey, couldn’t I learn to sew and then embroider those garments?

So those are two of my goals. This website is dedicated to embroidery. And this is my embroidery origin story.

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