Tenth Doctor 3d glasses embroidery

My husband and I love Doctor Who, and one of his favorite things (among many) is Ten wearing 3d glasses. I decided it would be fun to embroider them for him.

I found a printed fabric of Ten’s brown pinstripe suit on Spoonflower. I ordered a swatch because I intended the finished project to only be 4-6″.

Embroidered Tenth Doctor 3D Glasses
Embroidered Tenth Doctor 3D Glasses

I found a basic clip art of 3d glasses and transferred them to the fabric. Then I simply filled with satin stitch. I remember being confused about stitch placement and ended up compensating by filling in A LOT. I ended up with somewhat of a padded effect and uneven stitches. My husband claims to love it. I’ll just have to trust him. 🙂

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