Hand embroidered Captain Marvel barrettes

In early 2019, barrettes started coming back in fashion, according to magazines. (I’d been wearing them for many years, but okay). Some of the barrettes featured in the mags had large letters and I thought it would be fun to adapt the concept to an embroidered barrett.

embroidered higher further faster barrettes
embroidered higher further faster barrettes

Around the same time, Captain Marvel movie tickets went on sale and marketing for the film was ratcheted up. The Captain Marvel movie poster featured the words “Higher Further Faster.” I thought this was the perfect inspiration for hand embroidered barrettes.

The color palette presented a new problem – transferring onto dark fabric. If I had to do it now, I would simply transfer the pattern to a stabilizer and then remove the stabilizer after stitching. But I hadn’t learned that yet, so I printed out the words onto paper, painstakingly turned that into a stencil and used chalk to mark the letters on the fabric.

Working with DMC’s metallic thread was another challenge. It is quite unruly compared to the cotton thread and I did not enjoy working with it at all. I used straight, horizontal stitches instead of horizontal satin stitches which would have looked a lot better. If I had to do it over again, I would simply go with a dark yellow thread and use small satin stitches.

One last lesson, when making barrettes, make sure you know which side of your head you want to wear the barrettes while planning your pattern and double check before gluing onto the barrette. I originally had planned to wear these on the left side of my head but switched to my right after gluing the first one.

I bought blank craft barrettes and carefully glued the finished work onto them. They’re holding up very well many months later.

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