Running Stitch

The running stitch is a dashed line of hand stitches. It can be used decoratively or to temporarily hold fabrics in place, such as sewing a transfer paper or stabilizer to the fabric or hand basting a garment before the final stitching is sewn.

A 1/4 inch running stitch.

1 If this is your first time doing a running stitch or you want to ensure precision, you may want to mark your line with a washable pencil or marker. Use a ruler for exact measurements. Alternatively, an “imperfect” line can give a decorative running stitch an artistic appeal.

2 Start by pushing the needle from the bottom of the fabric through to the top at one end of the line of stitches. Personally, I prefer to work top to bottom or bottom to top, but if you prefer to work side to side, that is fine as well.

3 Next, place the needle at the end of the first dash, sending it back to the bottom of the fabric.

4 Repeat on all subsequent dashes. Push the needle through one end of the dash and then…

5 These stitches are 1/4 of an inch long, but you may do them
according to preference or a pattern’s instructions.

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