Etsy Shop Now Open with First Pattern For Sale

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce the opening of my new Etsy shop. I will be selling downloadable, printable PDF hand embroidery patterns. The first pattern is already on the shop: Fall Leaves Bundle #1.

The pattern is a display of three leaves: maple, beech and ash. I include six and four inch pattern sizes as well as three pages of individual leaves in various sizes. I wanted to offer people the option of going beyond the pattern if they so choose.

Additionally, I include pattern instructions, stitch tutorials and pattern transfer suggestions. The instructions and tutorials are related to how I stitched the leaves pattern shown in the photograph. But I do not mind if people use different outline stitches, fills, colors, etc.

I can’t wait to add more patterns in the shop. But for now, I’m celebrating getting this first one done.

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