Embroidery in Pop Culture: Aurora’s Leaf Dress in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

The sequel to Disney’s Maleficent was released last weekend and the costumes were glorious. In this post, we’ll take a look at the embroidery of Aurora’s blue leaf dress.

First of all, the dress was designed by the film’s costume designer, Ellen Mirojnick, with concept art by Adelaide Filippe.


Credit for the embroidery work goes to Cathryn Avison and her studio in West Sussex, UK. As you can see in the above caption, she calls this an embroidered leaf cobweb fabric.

According to her Instagram, she had a very special helper:

From what we can see from the above Instagram photos, it looks like the embroidery was stitched onto a transparent fabric. Then, the leaves and were cut and later placed onto the dress.

There appear to be two main types of leaves on the dress: a leaf resembling something like a beech leaf and another resembling something like an oak leaf.

The beech leaf has a distressed look. On her sleeve, we can see the fabric is cut out in between the stems of the leaves. It gives the idea that Aurora has definitely been wearing this while out and about in the magical fairy forest. Her dress gets caught on branches and vines while she’s out exploring and serving as Queen of the Moors.

The oak leaf has a cleaner look. There’s a distinct outline and what might be a satin stitch or appliqué of smaller, ash-like leaves inside the outline.

The two different looks compliment each other. Perhaps they symbolize Aurora’s position as Queen of both human and fairy kingdoms.

Aurora wears this dress at the beginning of the film for a very special scene, but no spoilers here.

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