Chain Stitch

Chain stitch is an outline stitch that can also be used as a fill stitch, as in the Pumpkin Stitch Sampler pattern.

1 Push the needle up from the bottom of the fabric to the top, then place the needle back in the same hole.
2 Do not pull the thread all the way through. Instead, leave a loop. Bring the needle back up through the loop.
3 Pull the thread until the previous loop is taut. Stick the needle back in the same hole the thread is coming out of.
4 To end a line of chain stitches, simply place the needle slightly above the final loop.
5 Pull the thread through and secure to the back.

Trellis Stitch

Trellis stitch is a gridded fill stitch that is less time consuming than denser fill stitch such as long and short stitch. Here’s how to stitch it:

1 Place long, horizontal stitches, and space them evenly.
2 Place long, vertical stitches, also spaced evenly.
3 Make small diagonal stitches across the intersections of the horizontal and vertical threads. 
4 You can also make another diagonal stitch to create cross stitches over the intersections. 

Tips: (i) If you want to do the vertical stitches first, that’s fine.