Hand embroider how you please, for yourself or for others. 

Learn how you like, in person class, online class, books, YouTube, art schools, craft schools.

Use short or long needles, with big eyes or small ones, of varying sizes of thickness, manufactured in Japan, France, England, the United States, or anywhere.

Stitch onto any kind of materials you like. Thread, fabric, unconventional, recycled, upcycged.

Your stitches can be any size you like. Tiny stitches, huge stitches, even stitches, uneven stitches. smooth stitches, rough stitches, perfectly aligned stitches, doodle/sketch stitches.

Stitch any type of project you like. Garments, quilts, bags, jewelry, handkerchiefs, wall art, curtains, blankets, book covers, cards, shoes, patches, ornaments, hats.

Create any style that you like. Traditional, vintage, modern, folk, cute, craftsy, fine art, experimental.

Deploy any style of embroidery that you like. Surface, canvas work, needlepoint, cross stitch, counted-thread, blackwork, gold work, whitework, stump work, ribbon, tambour.

Fill in your stitches or simply do outlines.

Use many colors and shades, one color or anything in between.

Stitch for any purpose you like. Pleasure/hobby, business, mindfulness, activism.